PLEASE email me prior to book this session: Terms & Services: Please note that this is for ONE HOUR of WordPress tutoring bare minimum requirements. If you feel like you need more than one hour or session we will discuss it prior to booking.  

Learn to update your WordPress website, add pages, text, and pictures yourself. Are you a WordPress do-it-yourselfer but are stuck on a few things? Get a WordPress tutor here.

I will teach you ON YOUR OWN ACTUAL WEBSITE on the WordPress training session: You learn WordPress and do it building your own WordPress website or how to update it. You can even bring a list of specific questions and we will address your WordPress questions in your WordPress tutoring session.


  • I will have you doing Wordpress fundamentals: create your own website, get a domain, get web hosting, install Wordpress, install a Wordpress theme, set site home page and blog page, create a page or post and text and pictures to it and more!
  • I will go over the importance of your website software and plugins will be kept up to date to avoid vulnerabilities resulting from outdated software.
  • We can assist with minor website tweaks & changes or a few elements moved around on the site.
  • We’ll help install new plugins base on your request.
  • Password Change or Admin change or Adding a new Admin.

NOTE: This service can’t be used for a website redesign or extensive work on your site (more than 3 per month is generally considered extensive for a maintenance service). If your needs will take longer than one hour for me to accomplish in one session, I’ll provide a quote for working on your website.


Do you need some help keeping navigating or updating your site  & making occasional changes to it? Look no further to our Online Live website tutoring
For a nominal amount, we’re your go-to for website tutoring, maintenance & tweaks.