WORDPRESS STANDARD DIAGNOSTICS Health Check & Troubleshooting (1 Hour-1 Website)


Terms & Services: Please note that this is for website diagnostics bare minimum requirements but we can quote for your specific needs, as well!

  • Your website’s Plugins, Wordpress Platform and Website Theme will be accessed, check and up to date to avoid vulnerabilities resulting from outdated software.

*Please note that this is for website maintenance bare minimum requirements but we can quote for your specific needs, as well!

NOTE: This service can’t be used for a website redesign or extensive work on your site (more than 3 per month is generally considered extensive for a maintenance service). If your needs will take longer than one hour for me to accomplish in one session, I’ll provide a quote for working on your website.


With some analysis and a touch of maintenance, you can easily make sure your WordPress site performance is properly optimized. It might seem like a pointless endeavor, but imagine this:

Sitting around the dinner table on a Friday, tired and hungry, you find yourself with a craving for take-out sushi. Pulling your brand new iPhone 6 out of your pocket, you open up Safari and Google “sushi delivery near me”.

Google quickly returns six potential results and like 30% of the population, you click on the first one listed. And you wait. The website’s header loads and then the site hangs. Nothing. As you’re about to click back to the SERPs the website finally presents you with a mouth-watering picture of Tuna Maki and a link that says “Click To View Menu” – which you do.

Again, nothing – three seconds go by. “Forget this,” you say aloud to yourself, “I’ll try the next restaurant.”

The problem described above plagues many WordPress websites. The cost is missed leads, sales, customers, and revenue.

Imagine losing website visitors over a delay!

Wouldn’t you want to know if this was happening to your website?